Meals for Senior Citizens
February 18, 2021

When schools across California closed their physical doors and pivoted to distance learning last March, like many food service operations, SNP was forced to keep up with the rapid onslaught of changing information and circumstances while keeping our students fed. An integral part of that meant determining the safest and most efficient way to continue to prepare as well as distribute meals to our school communities. We are extremely proud of this work and all that we continue to do. 

As the timeline for the pandemic and subsequent lock downs became more apparent, another critical need arose and SNP proudly stepped in to assist.

Seniors, who normally partake in congregant feeding at community and senior centers, also needed support in the way of safe, prepared meals. This population, arguably the most vulnerable to the virus, now had extremely limited access to food. Adhering to our high standards, our chefs got to work. They worked diligently to assess and rethink our menus to maximize appeal.

As part of our expanded offering, School Nutrition Plus now provides individually packaged meals to distribution sites working to ensure our senior population doesn’t go hungry. The delicious meals are prepared from scratch, using fresh ingredients, and can be reheated by the recipients in the safety of their own homes.

If you would like more details and are interested in discussing the possibility of SNP providing meal services to your community center, senior center, or planned distribution site, please contact us.