August 17, 2017

Each year, sometime during the first week of August, the entire SNP team meets to review, revise, revitalize, and strategize for the upcoming school year. For many on the team, it’s also a chance to reconnect with friends after summer break and for others it’s the first chance to connect a face to a name.

When we convene, sometimes, an employee is recognized for reaching a milestone employment anniversary. That happened a few weeks ago except it wasn’t just one employee, it was three of us who celebrated five-year anniversaries with SNP. Us. Myself included. I started with SNP in August of 2012 along with Jason Keegan who came to SNP from his post as Sous Chef at Bar Crudo in San Francisco and is now the Culinary Operations Director and Edith Pabon who joined the team after 5+ years as the Food Service Manager for a local charter school and is now the Quality Assurance and Compliance Director.

In 2012, the summer Jason, Edith and I started, our August meeting took place at a school client’s outdoor eating area (since we had no formal office space). Our entire crew fit comfortably around two tables. I recall we introduced ourselves, gave some background info and buckled down for what we knew would be an exciting venture.

Well, five years later and the excitement hasn’t ceased. Circling back to this year’s August meeting and witnessing the change SNP has seen over the last five years has been extremely rewarding. The growth of our company has been exponential but almost all the core team remains intact. It speaks to our company mission and the integrity of our leader. Our crew is currently 81 strong!: cooks, servers, drivers, account managers, all the way on up to our Directors, Executive Chef and our Founder.

Personally, my role in the company has changed but my commitment to providing students with nutritious and delicious meals hasn’t wavered. I knew from the get go that I was part of a special team but I couldn’t have imagined how impactful our work together over the years would become.

Wishing you all a successful and scrumptious 2017-2018 school year.

Footnote: my plan is to conduct and publish several in-depth interviews with SNP’s key players this year. However, while you wait, head to our website and check out the new staff pics and bios.