August 16, 2018

Summer is over (insert tear drop sad face emoji here!).

While there’s no sign that our hot weather is going anywhere, the long lazy hours at the beach, fun days at water parks, and outrageous county fair food consumption have turned into distant memories just in time for that first school bell to ring. Let’s kiss the relaxed emotional state of mind that summer brings goodbye…for now.  

Our chefs have spent their summers working diligently in the R & D (research and development) department playing with new flavor combinations, re-imagining some existing menus, and of course, creating new entrees and salads that our students will find enticing.

It’s clear that this summer was a collaborative effort. The chefs working by Executive Sous Chef Louis’s side had opportunities and were encouraged to think outside the proverbial lunch tray and focus on global cuisine. Some of the highlights:

One exquisite item that will soon be featured on our menus is Chicken Chile Verde. It combines succulent braised shredded chicken with tangy tomatillos, roasted poblano chili peppers and fresh garlic and herbs. This comforting stew will be served over brown rice with veggies and will undoubtedly warm students’ bellies and become an instant favorite.

The chefs developed a chicken curry recipe that has the requisite complexities of curry but dials back the heat or as Chef Louis put it “our goal was to kick back some of the spiciness so it would appeal to all students”. The curry is chock full of potatoes and carrots and will introduce many of our students to a new Asian flavor profile we believe will be welcomed with open arms.

Some fan favorites that were reworked over the summer include the calzone and the meatloaf muffins. Spices and herbs are replacing some of the salt in these recipes and subsequently lowering the sodium content. The calzone is also getting a SURPRISE new shape and with that, a new name. No spoilers here but the reject names were “calzonorb” and “pizza bomb”!

Another new exciting menu item is a play on fried rice that we are calling “Unfried Rice!”. Without sacrificing the familiarity of the dish, the chefs have punched up the flavor while simultaneously lowering the usual high sodium and fat content found in restaurant fried rice. The visual appeal of the rice in enhanced by carrots, peas, and even some corn-it’s colorful and delicious! What more could we ask for?

We look forward to a fantastic school year and welcome comments and feedback from our students and school communities. Stay connected to us for up to date menus and more and check out our cookbook A Chef Walks Into a Cafeteria…on Amazon for more scrumptious recipes.