September 26, 2017

It’s nearly October (gasp!) and most of us have settled into the routine of the “new” school year: the early morning wakeups, homework schedules, and hustle and bustle of fall activity. Here at SNP, driver routes have been finalized, new items developed by our chefs are popping up on our menus, and nutrition special events are being scheduled.

There are many things that set SNP apart from other school lunch caterers. Certainly, our food is always fresh, nutritious and delicious. Yes, its prepared from scratch. Of course, it meets the NSLP guidelines.

However, at SNP we try to go the extra mile for our students.

One way we do this is by scheduling a nutrition special event at each campus, promoting healthful eating and exposing students to foods they might not have previously seen or tasted. Our company Registered Dietitian is also on site to provide information and answer student questions.

This fall we are launching a new tasting event. Drumroll please…Epic Green Hummus. Students will have an opportunity to sample this twist on a traditional hummus. In addition to garbanzo beans, the Epic Green Hummus is loaded with spinach, basil, and green peas. It was a hit at the kitchen and all of us here are excited to bring it to our schools.

If your student comes home asking for more Epic Green Hummus or quinoa with pomegranate seeds and golden raisins, it’s probably safe to say the SNP team was at their school with a nutrition special event that day.

Check our Facebook and Instagram for the Epic Green Hummus recipe!