December 11, 2015

With only a few weeks left of 2015 (yikes!) the SNP chefs and crew are busy preparing holiday feasts for the students, faculty, and administration at our schools. Amidst the hustle and bustle of it all I had the chance to sneak into the kitchens and ask our staff to take a moment and reflect on what the holidays look like, feel like, and taste like for them. The responses, mostly family centered, reminded me that SNP is one big family with a one common goal. Everything we do is to ensure the students we feed are happy and getting nutritious, delicious school food. We do it day in and day out because we love it and we care about our students and their families. We wish you and your families a wonderful winter holiday season and a happy, healthy, and of course delicious 2016.

I hope you enjoy a selection of responses.

Executive Chef and Vice President Brandon Neumen: “The holidays look like a colorful wonderland full of lights and Christmas decorations, feel like a very happy time full of memories and smiles, and taste like homemade treats like cookies and candy.”

Executive Sous Chef Luis Barrrios: “They look like family, feel cold, and taste like homemade tamales.”

Edith Pabon, Quality Assurance & Compliance Director: “Lots of family, lots of love and we make a holiday soup called Picana-it’s a Bolivian soup made with different meats and white wine.”

Petrushka Kreitman, Director of Human Resources: “Time to drink and be merry. Coming from a very big complex family, holidays can be a lot of fun but also can be a source of stress and emotions can be at a high level.  Delicious.  Roasted spuds and parsnips!”

Jim Donato, Account Manager: “The holidays look like a great big table of amazing food with my family sitting all around it. The holidays feel like felt.  My stocking (as well as my brother’s and sisters’) were all made of felt as well as the Christmas tree skirt that went around our tree.  (All of these were made by my oldest sister). The holidays taste like fruit cake!”

Kim Ford, Director of Finance: “They look busy, feel exciting, and taste of cinnamon.”

Elvis Prado, Marketing and Executive Assistant: “Lots of colors! Green, red, and white. Snow. Glitter. Coats and beanies. They feel hopeful-like anything can happen. And they taste like sugar and cookies.”

Jason Cano, Kitchen Supervisor: “Three questions, one response-Family! The family kitchen and homemade food like my Uncle’s chicharrones, Grandma’s tamales, bunuelos, and champurrado are the best.”

Vanessa Swaim, Food Service Employee: “The holidays look like white twinkle lights, red and green. They feel fuzzy and soft like warm sweaters. They taste like cranberries and hot apple cider.”