November 3, 2016

Over the summer my daughter met and fell in love with a cow. In that moment, she swore off eating beef “forever”. I gave it a month. Well, it is November and she has yet to go back on the promise she made to herself.  While the rest of us cut into juicy rib-eyes, she opts instead for a turkey burger or grilled chicken breast. I applaud and support her ethical convictions and tell her frequently.

Many of the students we feed do not eat any meat or simply prefer a meatless meal on occasion.

We proudly offer a vegetarian option to our students We aren’t talking just plain grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas (although we have those too). Our chefs make every effort to create vegetarian menus that closely align with their “non-vegetarian” counterparts.

Recently, I was working at our central kitchen and smelled something good. Like get up out of my desk and see what’s on the stove good. How surprising to learn it was “Sloppy Jane”?  SNP chefs have created (and perfected FYI!) a recipe for a vegetarian version of Sloppy Joe so students could have a great alternative to eating meat without sacrificing flavor. Not surprising, Sloppy Jane is a hit with our students.

SNP chefs work diligently every day to craft delicious meat free meals like veggie chow Mein, teriyaki veggie bowl, and veggie fajitas. These entrees are packed with protein too. We use eggs, beans, and tofu so our students get the protein they need for their long, strong, growing bodies.

Whether your child is a full-time vegetarian, occasional vegetarian, or like mine, has professed her love for a cow while refusing to eat one… we’ve got them-and you covered. Take a closer look at any of our menus to see the variety of items offered and perhaps suggest to your child that they try a meat free choice sometime.