April 10, 2018

Dietitian and chef duo bring scratch-cooked dishes from Southern California schools to home kitchens

LOS ANGELES, April 10, 2018 – School catering company School Nutrition Plus(SNP) announced that their debut cookbook, A Chef Walks Into a Cafeteria…Healthy Family Recipes from California’s Premiere School Food Company, is now available for pre-order on Amazon for official release on May 8th. Emily Burson, RD, Founder and President of SNP, spearheaded the cookbook alongside her business partner, SNP’s Vice President and Executive Chef, Brandon Neumen.

“At SNP, we set out to turn cafeteria food on its head by serving delicious, scratch-cooked meals in Southern California schools,” said Burson. “With our cookbook, we’re bringing that same approach into homes, showing families it’s possible to create healthy meals, even on a busy weeknight.”  

A Chef Walks Into a Cafeteria… includes 75 recipes SNP serves in school cafeterias. From Quinoa-Cranberry Almond Granola to Chicken Street Tacos to Pozole, the dishes feature fresh ingredients and highlight California’s melting pot of global culinary influences. The cookbook also provides gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options, as well as smart cooking tips and ingredient swaps.

“People think of school food as chicken nuggets and french fries, but SNP has shown that kids, including my students, will eat real food,” said Richard Parra, Director of Fenton Primary Center. “With the cookbook, I look forward to making some of my students’ favorite school food dishes at home with my family.”

SNP has been pushing the envelope of school dining since opening in 2009. After managing school kitchens where the definition of cooking meant opening a box of frozen food and putting it in the oven, Burson’s relentless desire to serve kids real food drove her to start SNP. She partnered with Neumen, a trained chef, who focuses on delivering maximum flavor using the best ingredients he can get his hands on. As a registered dietitian, Burson ensures the food delivers proper nutrition, uses fresh ingredients, limits processed items and meets the guidelines set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Today, SNP serves more than 20,000 made-from-scratch school meals in Southern California every day.


About School Nutrition Plus

School Nutrition Plus (SNP) is made up of nutrition professionals, chefs and food lovers who believe in feeding children healthy family favorites while they’re at school. The company was founded on a simple question: Is it possible to improve the taste, satisfaction and nutritional quality of school foods through scratch cooking and customized meal services? The answer was a resounding…YES! With a registered dietitian, Emily Burson, and professional chef, Brandon Neumen, at the helm, SNP has turned school food on its head. Based in Los Angeles, SNP serves more than 20,000 made-from-scratch school meals every day – all while meeting the guidelines set forth by the USDA. To learn more, visit and connect with SNP on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and Emily Burson on Twitter and Instagram.  

McKenzie Hall Jones