October 10, 2019

SNP is launching an exciting nutrition event for the 2019-2020 school year, theSNP Farm Stand. The Farm Stand is a platform for nutrition education and an opportunity to sample seasonal produce with a spotlight on spinach (Eat More Greens always!) and berries (because they’re a perfect food). On the day of the event, a farm stand table is set up with assorted produce for the students to see, touch, and learn about. As part of lunch, the students are serveda spinach salad and a berry salad, both of which will include seasonal produce, even local when possible. 

As part of our wellness goal, an educational (and fun!) postcard with nutrition information and word puzzles is passed out to students at the event and our Registered Dietitian is on hand to encourage students to try everything, provide information, and answer questions.

October is also National Farm to School month, a seemingly perfect time for us to launch the Farm Stand. National Farm to School Month is an opportunity to reinforce the connection between food and our children by bringing local farm fresh produce to schools and incorporating nutrition curriculum. Organized by the National Farm to School Network, a network of farm and nutrition professionals, the Network ’s mission is to increase “access to local food and nutrition education to improve children’s health, strengthen family farms, and cultivate vibrant communities”.  

SNP is doing our part to bring local, seasonal produce to our students, as part of a healthy and delicious school meal, year round. Keep your eyes on your school calendar because the SNP Farm Stand is coming your way soon. And you don’t want to miss it.